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Pico4Dead's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 2,105 (From 321 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 35,620 Points

Do You Know Flash Games?

Good start! Unlocked 3/30/12
5 Points
Answer the first question
Deposit 5 Points Earn at least 200 000 points in one game
Millionaire! 10 Points Answer 15 questions in one Classic mode game
Expert 25 Points Answer 100 different questions
Extreme millionaire 25 Points Win a million without using the hints or switching away from the game
Winner! 25 Points Successfully complete Marathon mode
Champion! 50 Points Successfully finish the game in Time Trial mode
All you awards are belong to you! 100 Points Earn all the 32 in-game achievements

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/245 points)

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!

Patience Unlocked 5/18/11
5 Points
Sit through the long-ass intro.
Gojira Unlocked 5/18/11
10 Points
Make a new friend!
The Boy Unlocked 5/18/11
10 Points
Dispense of the boy.
The Girl Unlocked 5/18/11
10 Points
Dispense of the girl.
Dragonslayer Unlocked 5/18/11
25 Points
Slay the dragon without getting hurt!
Fast Smash Unlocked 5/18/11
50 Points
Smash the car in 20 seconds or less.
Backstory 10 Points Discover the backstory.
Dance Party 10 Points Get invited to the dance party!
Domo Hunt 10 Points Find the hidden game.
Fat Bastard 10 Points Bring out the fat man.
Giant Crab Battle 10 Points Encounter the (kinda) giant crab.
Squigly Fish 10 Points Find the Squigly Fish!
Zero Vengeance 25 Points Beat level one without getting hurt.
A Smasher is You 50 Points Win the game!
Dongle 50 Points You'll know it when you see it!
Penguin Popper 50 Points Destroy 90 Penguins.
Three Eddies 50 Points Bring at least three Eddies to battle!
Flyby Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Lestor Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 6/19 (110/430 points)

Doodle Devil

Half Game Unlocked 6/27/11
10 Points
Half Of All Elements Discovered
Nuclear Bomb Unlocked 6/27/11
10 Points
Nuclear Bomb Discovered
7 Mortal Sins Unlocked 6/27/11
25 Points
7 Mortal Sins
All Game 50 Points All Element Discovered
All Game With No Hints 100 Points All Elements Discovered With No Hints (actually, you can ONE hint)

Medals Earned: 3/5 (45/195 points)


100 Kills Unlocked 6/1/11
5 Points
Blasted and grenaded 100 enemies!
200 Kills 10 Points Blasted and grenaded 200 enemies!
300 Kills 25 Points Blasted and grenaded 300 enemies!
400 Kills 50 Points Blasted and grenaded 400 enemies!
500 Kills 100 Points Blasted and grenaded 500 enemies!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/190 points)

Drop the Bomb (Medals)

Flawless Failure Unlocked 4/17/11
5 Points
Get three straight questions wrong.
BomBomBomBomWooooo 5 Points Get three strikes with $4,900.
Bomb Squad 10 Points Survive 10 bomb rounds.
Don't Be A Wimp 10 Points Finish the Bonus Round with two bombs.
Octochamp 10 Points Get eight questions in a row correct.
Trump Card 10 Points Finish game with more than $20,000.
Extra Innings 25 Points Enter the Bonus Round with ten or more spins.
Flawless Victory 25 Points Win the game without any strikes
Marathon Grill 25 Points Answer 25 questions in a row correct.
One-Hit Kill 25 Points Answer five $1,000 questions in a row.
Bonus Buster 50 Points Take ten Bonus Spins without hitting a bomb.
Fallout Shelter 50 Points Survive a five-question bomb.
The Matt Ottinger Honorary Medal 100 Points No incorrect answer and no bombs in Bonus Round.

Medals Earned: 1/13 (5/350 points)


Meteor Unlocked 5/14/11
5 Points
Get over 300 distance points.
Speed of light Unlocked 5/19/11
5 Points
Fill the power bar.
Express Unlocked 5/14/11
10 Points
Get run over by a train.
Master of gravity Unlocked 5/19/11
10 Points
Get over 600 distance points.
Robot clashes Unlocked 5/14/11
10 Points
Smash a robot.
You'll never get me alive Unlocked 5/19/11
25 Points
Escape the police.
Money, Money, Money Unlocked 5/20/11
50 Points
Collect over 100 coins in a single drop.
What goes up must come down Unlocked 5/20/11
100 Points
Reach the ground.

Medals Earned: 8/8 (215/215 points)

Earth Taken

Alien Hunter Unlocked 11/26/13
5 Points
Kill 8 Aliens
Kaboom! Unlocked 11/26/13
5 Points
Blow up 3 cars
9 Millimeter 10 Points Fully upgrade your pistol
Blastman 10 Points Fully upgrade your shotgun
Gas Mask Max 10 Points Fully upgrade your gas mask
Health Nut 10 Points Fully upgrade your health
Hero 10 Points Save 3 survivors
Pyro 10 Points Fully upgrade your flame thrower
Scare Crow 10 Points Kill 10 crows
Shhh! 10 Points Find 1 secret area
SMG Bursts 10 Points Fully upgrade your sub machine gun
Vandal 10 Points Shoot out 10 lights
Alienator 25 Points Kill 111 aliens
Biiig Badaboom! 25 Points Blow up 15 cars
Hobo! 25 Points Trash 54 trashcans
Savior 25 Points Save 11 survivors
18 50 Points Find all 18 secret areas
Murder Of 50 Points Kill 50 crows
Vampire 50 Points Shoot out 128 lights
Only The Start 100 Points Complete all chapters

Medals Earned: 2/20 (10/460 points)

Effective Attack

Fresh Meat Unlocked 6/18/11
5 Points
Checking out the game.
Second Lieutenant Unlocked 6/18/11
5 Points
Reaching area 5
Captain Unlocked 6/18/11
10 Points
Reaching area 15
First Lieutenant Unlocked 6/18/11
10 Points
Reaching level 10
Colonel Unlocked 6/18/11
25 Points
Playing the game for 10 minutes.
General Unlocked 6/18/11
50 Points
Playing the game for 20 minutes
Major General Unlocked 6/18/11
100 Points
Playing the game for 30 minutes.
Major 25 Points Reaching area 20

Medals Earned: 7/8 (205/230 points)

Electric Joint

Beginer Unlocked 12/30/12
5 Points
Complete 5 levels.
Amateur 10 Points Complete 10 levels.
Preffesional 25 Points Complete 15 levels.
Expert 50 Points Complete 20 levels.
Master 100 Points Complete 25 levels.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/190 points)

Elf Story

Arrow Death Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You got impaled by a Gobblo's arrow!
Arrow To The Neck Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
Ouch. You took an arrow straight to the neckery.
Arrow To The Stomach Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
Yeowch. You took a nasty arrow to the stomachial region.
Baseball Bat Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You found the baseball bat!
Extra Kupo Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You've earned extra kupo!
Fanboy Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You found the fanboy hoodie! It's from your favorite game of all time!
Giant Fist Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You caught a giant fist to the face... and exploded. True story.
Got Steel Sword Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You've found a way to get the Steel Sword! Congratulations!
Got Wooden Sword Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
The bat that you found has turned into a wooden sword!
Halfsies Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You got split into two by a bandit elf! Crap!
Impalation Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
You got impaled by a bandit elf's thrown sword! Deadly!
Start Unlocked 2/4/13
5 Points
Start the game... press the play button.
Beatdown Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You beat the crap out of that bandit elf! Yeesh...
Dead Bird Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You found the dead blue bird!
Gobblo Wood Kill Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You killed a Gobblo with the wooden sword!
Goober Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You found the Goober action figurine!
Spin Attack Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You used the jumping spin attack on that blondie of a bandit elf! Good work.
Spinning Destruction Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
You used an ultra-powerful, double spin slash to decimate the bandit elf who deserved it!
Squished Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
The Ogre grabbed you and squeezed you until you went "pop"
Stabbered Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
The bandit threw a knife at you and gotcha right through the heart!
You Should Block Unlocked 2/4/13
10 Points
Sooo, yeah, you should try blocking sometime....
Shrunken Head Unlocked 2/4/13
25 Points
You found the magical shrunken head!
Got Battle Dagger 5 Points The kitchen knife that you found has turned into the battle dagger! Shweet!
Got Bombs 5 Points You got yourself some bombs! Now, let's go blow s**t up!
Got Soul Bangle 5 Points You got the Soul Bangle dude! Now you can throw blue fireballs! Hadoken!
Skull 5 Points You found the hidden skull!
Blue Flames 10 Points You used the Soul Bangle to send a powerful blast of blue energy at an unlucky bandit elf.
Bombed 10 Points You chucked a bomb at a bandit and blew his guts all over the place!
Dagger To La Face 10 Points You said, "Screw it!" and threw your dagger at a bandit's face! Shweet!
Electrocuted 10 Points You electrocuted a bandit elf via a Super Pretendo controller!
Face Knifed 10 Points You stuck a dangerously sharp dagger into the fleshy face of an outclassed bandit elf... Nicely done.
Fatal Error 10 Points You found the only way to die in scene 1!
Gobblo Arrow Kill 10 Points You made the Gobblo enemy shoot himself in the face! Cool!
Gobblo Dagger Kill 10 Points Kill the Gobblo with the Battle Dagger!
No Defense 10 Points You failed to block an incoming vertical slash... tsk, tsk...
Pissed Off Shopkeeper 10 Points Dude.... You so shouldn't have made Hobart mad, dude.
Rock Death 10 Points You killed yourself using an immensely heavy rock!
Weak Defense 10 Points Looks like you TRIED to block, buuuut..... yeeeaaahhh....
Wheel Of Decimation 10 Points Whoah... Don't you think that was a bit... uh, overkill? It was entertaining though.
Controller 25 Points You found the video game controller!
Knife 25 Points You found the knife!
Poop 25 Points You found bird poop! Yay!
Game Won 50 Points You freakin' beat the freakin' game! Holy moly!
Ogre Destroyed 50 Points You've defeated the Ogre! Holy crap!

Medals Earned: 22/44 (175/500 points)